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virtual assistants(VA)

As a business owner or a manager, should you be doing time - wasting, non -productive tasks?

You should be doing the more important jobs only you can do. Even the 'perfectionist' boss needs help with mundane tasks so they can focus on things that really matter. Our VAs will complete the jobs efficiently and accurately to your satisfaction, which will free up your time so you can your energy on the big impact pieces. 

Why hire a va?

Whilst you maybe running your business from your living room, you can still impress your clients by hiring a VA in a reception/customer support role. Our VA Personal Assistants and VA Executive Assistants will cost you a fraction of hiring a full time staff.

Our VAs are nothing short of unicorns. They are experienced professionals, with an amazing attitude and good skills. Each VA is fully vetted and what more, we will match your needs with a suitable VA and take care of all the paperwork too. 


From 4 hours a day or weekly set hours, the VA work will be bespoke to your needs but may include


  • Diary Management

  • Linking systems to calendar/diary/to do list

  • Minute taking & scheduling

  • Organising files and Shared drive

  • Email funnels and Workflows

  • Events and Travel 

  • Data entry

  • Personal tasks e.g. buying gifts

  • Family admin


  • Bookkeeping

  • Invoices and receipts

  • Reconcile receipts, invoices and bank accounts

  • Credit control

  • Nominal ledger

  • Expenses

  • Purchase/Sales invoices


  • Reception

  • Produce letters, reports and documents

  • Manage enquiries and Customer service support

  • Purchase orders and Supplier liaison

  • Quotes and invoices to clients

  • Email and follow up calls

  • Email marketing & Tele sales

  • Preparing training manuals


  • Canva images/graphics

  • Presentations and PDF

  • Formatting documents 

  • Proof reading

  • Transcriptions

  • Managing shared drive

  • Research, report and data collection


  • Website updates/maintenance

  • Website building/design 

  • Copywriting, Content creation and Branding

  • Social media management & Lead magnets

  • Interact with followers & manage comments

  • Pinterest


During the discovery call, we can understand your requirements and organise the most suitable business solution for you. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!

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