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Emotional Intelligence at the workplace

About the Course

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for professionals at all levels, including managers, team leaders, HR professionals, and individual contributors, who seek to enhance their emotional intelligence (EI) skills and thrive in diverse workplace settings.

Research shows, that EI is a key soft skill sought after by the majority of employers these days. This workshop provides a safe forum to learn and develop the art of conflict resolution and strategies to improve team spirit and mutual respect. Packed with case studies, role-plays and games, this session will help participants become more self-aware and give them practical solutions to raise their interpersonal skills.

Course Overview:

This course is designed to help participants understand the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace and develop practical skills to enhance their emotional intelligence competencies. Through a combination of theoretical concepts, interactive activities, case studies, and self-assessment tools, participants will learn how to apply emotional intelligence to improve communication, collaboration, leadership, and overall effectiveness in professional settings.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand the concept of emotional intelligence and its relevance in the workplace.

  2. Identify the key components of emotional intelligence.

  3. Enhance self-awareness and self-regulation skills.

  4. Develop empathy and social awareness.

  5. Improve communication and interpersonal skills.

  6. Apply emotional intelligence in leadership and team dynamics.

  7. Manage conflicts and build positive relationships.

  8. Foster a culture of emotional intelligence within the organisation.


Upon successful completion of the training, the participants will receive a certificate of completion, acknowledging their commitment to professional development


This outline can be further customised based on the specific needs and objectives of the participants and the organisation. Please contact us today for a bespoke training/module spec.

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