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Tom Acres | Community Lead | Brent and Westminster

"Vidjea delivered a fantastic money management course for our clients at Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster. The course was packed full of useful information and delivered in a very digestible format. Vidjea was very supportive ensuring that she adapted the content to suit the needs of our clients.  She was well respected by everyone which was evident through the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from those who attended. I have really enjoyed working with Vidjea, she is professional, organised and very skilful at what she does, and I hope we can continue to work together"


Neena Julka | CEO & Founder | SNJ Charitable Trust


"SNJ Charitable Trust is pleased to be working with IGLS as we share the commitment to supporting communities through Education, Training and Development".

"Vidjea keeps finding us opportunities and keeps us on our toes".

Theresa Bray | Deputy Principal | Shooters Hill Sixth Form College | University of Greenwich

“Would highly recommend Vidjea to anyone wanting expertise in apprenticeships, curriculum design and development, adult education or leadership and management in general"


Sabirah Ali | Head of Community Learning | WAES

"Great to hear positive feedback from the learners. Pleased to be working with IGLS"


IGLS| Project Management Team

"We are pleased to be project managing this UKCRF EDS project  and very proud to be celebrating Jojo's success"

JOJO case study.png

Robert Grant | Education, Training & Management Consultant

"Gloucester Street Community Centre (GSCC), contracted IGLS in September 2021 to assist in our application to become an Accredited Centre to deliver first level courses in English and Maths to our participants in Wolverhampton. The process involved IGLS taking on the Quality Assurance role for teaching, learning and assessments, strategic planning and writing quality assurance policies to meet the awarding body standards. In October 2021, our application was successful, and we are now an accredited centre with NCFE"


Sarah P | Learner - Financial Literacy  | Mind

"I really feel I have an idea of what to expect when I will be living alone. 

 This course was enjoyable and also has really helped me wake up to the realities of managing my money now and realise that spending is not happiness".

Sindhu B | Client - Life Coaching | IT trainer 

Vidjea is a fantastic mentor and a life coach.  She is the only person I count on for seeking advice, be it for my workplace or my personal life, she is always there for me.  After even a brief chat, she brings in the clarity, motivation, belief, and accountability I need to face that particular situation.  She respects me as a friend, an educator, a professional and uplifts my confidence in my teaching practice and facing my family circumstances.  She is a keen listener who approaches every issue from various perspectives. She can advise people to make a  lifestyle or career change, restoring their balance and fulfilment, deciding what career path to take, getting through a midlife crisis and so on.  She is one of the best persons I can trust with all my heart.” 

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